About Us

The Company is run by Mr. Unni Narayan who is a NISM Certified Mutual Fund Distributor, having a work experience of more than 20 Years in the field of MUTUAL FUNDS, STOCK BROKING and INSURANCE SECTOR. We have a satisfied customer base of more than one thousand people. We work as professionals within the financial industry by providing guidance to clients -often in investment allowing them to act of the behalf of their financials assets to achieve their goals of Life Style. Having a Passive Income ensures more financial freedom and releases you from the traditional workday to provide alternative investment opportunities to make money. In addition to giving you time back, passive income can also help you focus on worthwhile financial goals, such as securing funds for retirement. For how to achieve it, you can Contact me and book an Appointment for the details.
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Why You Should Trust Us ?

Build Your Investment

Like a true partner, we ensure that we deliver our best towards future proof nvestment to our clients, right from the first stage of product development to the last stage, after they invest with us. We endeavor to maintain the highest ethical standards of our clients assets and educate them time to time how to get Maximum Value of their Investment.

Wealth of Experience

We are having more than 20 years of experience in ain the field of MUTUAL FUNDS, STOCK BROKING and INSURANCE. Moreover we have a Strong in-house research Team which provides stock selection to our Clients. we devote considerable resources to gain, maintain and sustain our profitable insights into market movements.

Low Risk Management

We provide low risk management schemes to our clients to achieve qualitatively superior business with more gain to their investment. for this we provide rigorous investment templates for presentation via paper and social media. It also include Risk Management with respect to international funds and stocks.

Group Expertise Advantage

Our Expertise Team includes :
Unni Narayan, Director of the Company.
Two Stock Broking Professionals, which Manages Stocks
Customer Relation Manager, for clients help.
Technical Support Manager, for techical help to clients.